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STL - DF64 V1-V2 Switch for Original Dosing Cup

STL - DF64 V1-V2 Switch for Original Dosing Cup

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This is a digital product which includes the STL file ONLY. There is no physical product shipped.



All Camperista3D designs are protected by the Copyright Law. After purchase, you do NOT have the right to copy, share, modify or re-sell any digital file or printed model of my designs for commercial usage without my explicit written consent.

However, you are free to print the physical object as many times as you wish for your personal use. We have worked very hard creating these STL files and would love to continue developing functional parts.



  • Supports only needed in the cup holder gap
  • Layer height: 0.2 mm
  • 60% infill - PLA works great



This Switch works only for DF64 V1 and V2 since the button was changed in V3 and V4. Please check if the button stays low or comes up after engaging. If the button stays low, then this Switch will NOT work. If the button comes back up, then this Switch will work.

In my pursuit of a perfect DF64, I have designed a switch to improve the workflow with this amazing coffee grinder.

This switch in combination the original dosing cup (not included) has two main functions:

1. Turning the grinder on or off by a touch of the dosing cup. There is no need for an awkward move around the cup anymore to press the on/off button.

2. Reducing the mess made by the grinder by having a dosing cup tilted closer to the chute exit.

The switch does not include the original dosing cup.

Please be aware that by installing this switch, it is not possible anymore to grind directly into the portafilter.

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