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STL - DF64 Anti Popcorn Upgrade

STL - DF64 Anti Popcorn Upgrade

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This is a digital product which includes the STL file ONLY. There is no physical product shipped.



All Camperista3D designs are protected by the Copyright Law. After purchase, you do NOT have the right to copy, share, modify or re-sell any digital file or printed model of my designs for commercial usage without my explicit written consent.

However, you are free to print the physical object as many times as you wish for your personal use. We have worked very hard creating these STL files and would love to continue developing functional parts.



  • No Support needed
  • Layer height: 0.16-0.20 mm
  • 20%-40% infill - PLA works great
  • Two versions included



This anti popcorning device prevents coffee bean pieces to disrupt the main flow of whole beans. This way it stabilizes the grind rate and therefore improves the grind consistency.

It fits perfectly on the lower end of the bellow on the DF-64, G-IOTA and Turin coffee grinders.

Since the introduction of the DF64 V4, there are two different bellow sizes. Please check which version of the bellow your DF64 is equipped with according to the picture.

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