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Eureka MCI Grind Setting Dial | Simple Adjustment between unique Grind Settings

Eureka MCI Grind Setting Dial | Simple Adjustment between unique Grind Settings

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Upgrade your Eureka MCI coffee grinder experience with our 3D printed grind setting dial, designed to simplify and enhance your coffee grinding process. If you appreciate the great quality of your Eureka grinder but seek a more intuitive grind adjustment solution, look no further than our innovative dial solution.

Key Features:

Ergonomic Knob Design: Our dial features a large ergonomic knob for precise and comfortable grind adjustments. Each tick on the absolute scale corresponds to a specific grind setting, allowing you to fine-tune your grind with improved accuracy.

Efficient Gear Ratio: Linked to an indicator wheel with a 3:1 gear ratio, our dial allows for swift adjustments from the coarsest to the finest grind positions. Easy transition between filter and espresso settings with minimal effort, saving you valuable time during your coffee preparation routine.

Absolute Scale Convenience: The absolute scale simplifies the process of setting your grinder to previously calibrated coffee types. With 100 ticks available, you can easily return to your preferred grind settings without the need for guesswork or recalibration.

Time and Coffee Savings: Streamline your grind adjustment process and minimize coffee waste with our intuitive dial solution. Spend less time adjusting settings and more time enjoying your freshly ground coffee.

Installation Guidance:
For installation tips, check out the procedure for the Eureka Specialita Dial Youtube Video:
The installation steps are almost the same for the MCI setup.

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Maintenance Note:
To maintain the integrity of the material, we recommend hand washing the dial. Avoid cleaning with hot water or dishwashers, as this may affect the material's quality over time.

Compatibility Confirmation:
Unsure about the compatibility of your Eureka grinder model? Reach out to us, and our team will promptly confirm compatibility with your specific grinder model.

Got Questions?
Feel free to drop us a message, and we'll be happy to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

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Customer Reviews

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Verry Happy. Finally grinding very precise...

Verry Happy. Finally grinding very precise :-)

Falsch bestelltes Produkt wurde unkomplizi...

Falsch bestelltes Produkt wurde unkompliziert getauscht, dafür vielen Dank. Leider funktioniert der neue Einstellknopf für den Mahlgrad nicht, die Mühle reagiert nicht auf Drehbewegungen. Mit dem Serienrad funktioniert alles. Im Ergebnis darf ich mir die Mühle neu einstellen - Produkt ist nicht so gut.

really nice quality, thank you !

really nice quality, thank you !

Solid two color print. Really easy to inst...

Solid two color print. Really easy to install. Highly recommended.

The seller quickly sent me a replacement w...

The seller quickly sent me a replacement when the original part got broken. I wish all the sellers performed that way!